Like most companies we have been affected by the covid 19 virus, but we have plans in place including where possible all staff are working from home and all drivers have been issued with PPE equipment including face masks and hand Sanitizer.

Stay safe and please follow Government Guidlines to protect everyone.


We are operating with reduced staff but are still offering our services where needed, we have informed all drivers and office staff to follow government guidelines with regards to hand washing and keeping all surfaces clean as much as possible, we have provided drivers with hand sanitizers and face masks where needed.  we have advised our office staff to work from home where possible and will receive our full support where needed.

We are following the guidelines set out from our prime minister and will update this page with any news as we receive it. we will continue to support our customers and staff as much as we can during this time.

We would ask all our customers to please ensure you keep safe and wash hands where possible and please be respectful to drivers during this time.

Update: 16/04/2020 as at 17:12pm

We continue to offer our services wherever needed and are following the Governement Advice as it is announced, we would like to ask our clients and customers to keep safe and ensure social distancing is adhered to, we have informed all couriers and staff of this and hope it is followed.

We are open as usual 24/7, but only ask for urgent deliveries to be made, if its not urgent or can wait please do not send it. We are working with our partners and clients to ensure we offer a safe and professinal service even in this uncertain time.

A message from our Director:

A big thanks to all our fantastic NHS staff, my partner is a midwife so I know how tough it is daily and applaud every nhs worker for your support and brave work, I hope all staff stay safe and keep providing a fantastic service well done, Also a big thank you to all staff here at youshipping its been hard this last few weeks and am sure it may get harder in the weeks to come, but as troopers they are they are still providing our clients with the service they deserve, so thank you all for your support.